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How TheCapRate Works

How The Cap Rate Works

Crowdsourced property data and researched market information are brought together in a proprietary system to estimate the cap rate, net operating income, and value.

Data That Works For You

Data that works for you

The starting point for CRE research and analysis. Access relevant data points in seconds to gain meaningful insights into any commercial property or market.

Accuracy that refines your process

Accuracy that refines your process

Information you can rely on. Billions of dollars in estimates and verified results matched with machine learning yield 20% standard deviation on average.

Need more? Consider TheCapRate Pro Service.

Only $50 per month. No Contract. Unlimited support.

Data when you need it.

No more relying on other’s time schedules to get the information you need and when you need it. TheCapRate Pro's easy to use dashboard allows you to save, analyze, share, and market properties all in seconds.

Research properties from one place. Search based on condition or property, vacancy, or other important variable. And get market analytics to see how the subject property compares with the overall market. Write notes and generate reports.

Pro service provides the tools to test your research and see results that mean something… dollars and cents. Our Stress Test was built to mimic the effects of changes to market and property conditions. (Give it a try below.)

Better Content. Better Marketing.

We all know by now, that social media is an ever increasing important component of overall marketing strategy. "Create interesting and relevant content!!" is drummed into our heads at every turn. Well, that's not as easy as it sounds, especially for the CRE industry.

TheCapRate Pro is here to help. The system is designed to easily share individual properties, portfolios, and custom content. Produce and share market infographics with the click of a mouse.

Each account comes with the ability to load four listings that will appear in relevant search results, maximizing your marketing efforts. Reach the right person at the right time, when they are in an information discovery mode.

What is The Cap Rate?

Behind the scenes

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Entered   Data Adjustment Points Recalculated Metrics  
Current Vacancy Rate: 0.0% | Lower Current Vacancy Rate Raise Current Vacancy Rate Adjusted Cap Rate: 7.74%  
Average Rental Rate: $1200 | Lower Average Rental Rate Raise Average Rental Rate Adjusted Value: $2,418,604.65  
Unemployment Rate: 7.6% | Lower Unemployment Rate Raise Unemployment Rate Differential:    

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Unlike other CRE online listing services, TheCapRate was founded on the premise of providing an array of tools to better improve the effiency of one's daily workflow. Offer premium users the ability to promote their properties through a completely different channel was a logical step.

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